Why Indoor Plants Make The Perfect Gift

Take your gift game to the next level.



Written by Plantee


Oh, another photo mug with your face on it. Thank you ever so much. I’ll put it with the 12 others I have in my cupboard…. said nobody. Ever. We all know how difficult it can be to find the perfect give, whether it’s for that special someone or that old mate you haven’t seen since school. We also know that there’s a simple answer to this difficulty – indoor plants. Here are a few reasons why giving an indoor houseplant is the perfect gift!

The power of plants

Not only are you giving the gift of a stunning indoor decoration to brighten up any room, but you’re also giving the power of plants. Indoor plants provide many benefits that improve our health both mentally and physically. Science has shown that a room with indoor plants in helps destress us mentally and relaxes the mind, whilst also improving well-being and productivity. Not only that but many indoor plants act as natural air purifiers, taking out the bad toxins we have in our homes and replacing them with clean air. Pretty amazing right?! Gifting a healthier life sure is a fantastic gift!


A leafy reminder

Giving a gift is all about showing how much you care for a person. It also can provide many sentimental values for the person receiving it. With an indoor plant, the receiver is likely to see it most days. This not only makes it a gift that’s actually used, but it also means that person will associate that indoor plant with whom they received it. A nice daily reminder of how amazing a friend you are for bringing this fabulous indoor plant into their life!


Never a wrong time

There really is no right or wrong time to give an indoor plant as a gift, that’s the beauty of it! Any plant, any occasion. No other gift has such wonderful versatility as an indoor plant.


Keeps on giving

Amazingly, indoor plants can be the gift that keeps on giving. As long as they’re getting what they need and following all our Plantee tips, then plants can live for a very long time, unlike the poor bunch of flowers which will have wilted in a week. Plants love to grow and will stick with us through thick and thin.

Be the gift giver that everybody wants in their lives and take your gift game to the next level by giving the gift of a Plantee indoor plant. We have a great range to choose from and help make selecting easier with our assortment of categories such as easy maintenance plants or pet-friendly plants

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