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Guide to Peace Lilys

Get A Peace Of The Action

Written by Plantee


The humble Peace Lily. The incredibly resilient houseplant that as long as you look after, will love to look after you too!


A Lily bit of clean air

On looks alone, the Peace Lily also known as the Spathiphyllum, is a stunning addition to a plant lovers’ home.

Green shiny leaves, magnificent white spadix (the lumpy, fleshy bit on the end of the stem), and an elegant spathe (the enclosing white flower part), all result in a plant that lights up any room it’s homed in.

However, not only pretty to look at, but the Peace Lily is also known for its air purifying abilities. Working as a home air pollutant filter, toxic gases from around the home are absorbed and broken down.

Whilst purifying the surrounding air, this process also means the release of oxygen which is pretty darn good for humans!

Cleaner air and more oxygen allow healthier and happy individuals with greater productivity and less stress!

Hot and sweaty

Having originally come from the tropical rainforest regions of the Americas and Southeast Asia, the Peace Lily is a big fan of steamy, humid conditions.

Therefore, it loves lots of light and water, with fairly warm temperatures to match those humidity levels of which it's used to.

Due to its love of humidity, the bathroom is a fantastic place to keep your Peace Lily.

Even get it in the shower once a week for a few minutes with warmish water and then drain out any excess water from the pot. If not the shower, then give it a water spray with a plant mister at least once a week.

Did you know?

Remember when we mentioned resilience – if you forget to water your Peace Lily, a good watering will give it the pick-up it needs and will return to its glorious beauty.

  • The white flower matches that of a white flag and thus is known to represent a sign of peace.

  • The Peace Lily come in many varieties of size from small to extra-large.

  • The Peace Lily is part of the Araceae plant family.

A truly brilliant indoor plant, Penelope the Peace Lily is very worthy your indoor space.


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