a guide to cacti indoor plants

Guide to Cacti

The Prick of the Bunch

Written by Plantee


The Desert Demon

Let’s talk all things Cacti. Despite his scary exterior, Kalvin is a cool, calm and collected houseplant.

Cacti are native to the North and South American deserts, basking in hot and dry conditions. There are hundreds of varieties of Cacti, and they are known for their extremely resilient nature.

Kalvin and his friends can survive in the most turbulent environments with scarce water and high temperatures, which challenge many plants to survive. This makes Kalvin a perfect contender for any plant parent that may be liable to forget to water, as he is well adapted to saving this ready for a drought.

Cacti are known as ‘succulents’. This means they are part of a particular plant family that are known as having thick, fleshy leaves and stems that have adapted to store water.

Whilst succulents are typically defined as having thick and fleshy leaves, it is very unlikely that you will find a cacti with a leaf. This is because leaves mean moisture loss, which the cacti can’t afford in its tricky conditions.

Instead, the cacti has adapted to grow prickly spikes, minimising the opportunity to lose water and a great way of protecting itself in the desert from irksome animals.


Looking Sharp

Kalvin the Cacti has fantastic water retaining qualities, making him an easy fuss-free plant. He will simply require water when he is dry, typically less water in the winter and slightly more in the summer, but this can be judged on soil moisture.

Kalvin thrives in a dry room and adores the light. Fun fact: If looked after well, Kalvin is known to have growth spurts at certain times of the year, where he prospers in a light spot of your home. However, even if he doesn’t live in a light room, he will survive just fine.

Kalvin is a stylish contribution to your home that can sit virtually anywhere, making him a versatile addition to your household, or a friends as a gift.

Whilst the cacti in the desert are poised to protect, we promise that Plantee’s Kalvin the Cactus would love to make himself in your home today. We at Plantee have various varieties of Cacti, and whilst we can’t specify which you’ll receive we’ll be sure that you love him.

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