Best Indoor Plant For The Office

Work can be fun when you're surrounded by this little beauty.



Written by Plantee


The Office. A place where we spend a large portion of our lives. Therefore, it’s important to try and make it a place where we can enjoy and thrive. Indoor plants are a really great way of bringing a bit of personalisation to the office, as well as adding to our work performance. Here we give you our favourite indoor plant for the office.

Adder this plant to your workplace

An indoor plant that is easy to care for, doesn’t really mind about light conditions and loves to purify airflow. We present to you Sienna the superb Snake Plant.


Snake Plants come in a range of different sizes and therefore allow a good variety to fill the office.


The long, upright leaves are also good distractions from any unattractive office equipment.


They aren’t picky when it comes to levels of water or light either, so in a busy office, neglect won’t prove an issue.


And to top it all off, the Snake Plant loves to make us healthier, not just in cleaner air but also improving mental wellbeing. Which can only lead to one thing - better work performance. Everyone’s a winner!


Give yourself the best chance at work with Sienna the Snake Plant.  

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