Am I Overwatering My Indoor Plants?

Don't get caught out caring too much.



Written by Plantee


Watering our indoor plants is one of the most important things we can do for our little green friends. Yet, it’s often rather easy to give them a little bit too much care and devotion. Overwatering your indoor plants is the fastest way to kill them. Here are a few things to look out for to make sure you’re not doing more harm than good.


Signs you're overwatering

First up, all plants are different. However, most plants don’t enjoy sitting in water. A good potting mix should allow for water to drain properly down to the roots of the plant, but water remaining above the top of the soil can lead to the plant beginning to rot at the base. Rot in the roots can often be lights out for many houseplants, so it’s very important it doesn’t get to this stage and that the problem is identified and rectified.


This excess water issue can also result in the development of fungus gnats. These small insects, similar to fruit flies are lured by the fungi coming from the extended moisture in the soil. This is a sure sign that your plant may have an overwatering problem, still, this isn’t the end of the world as these little pests can be removed.


Always start off by checking the soil. Test to see if it is damp a couple inches under the top layer of soil by putting your finger in. If there is moisture at this level, then there’s an overwatering problem.


Let the light flow

Furthermore, it’s important to take into account where the plant is located. If the plant isn’t getting the amount of light which it requires, then it doesn’t matter if it’s being watered correctly because the light won’t be there to match. A good way to get the right combination of light and water for your plant is to water it in the morning. This will allow it to get a full day’s light and really help it soak up that drink.

It’s always best to follow the soil test when judging watering levels. This and the necessary light and warmth, should give your plant the best chance of sustaining its healthy glow as well as keeping you happy too!

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